Dirty Americans "
Black Feather" available on iTunes.
"They're a gritty, down and dirty Michigan rock band, I think they're one of the best bands we've produced in Michigan, ever!" - Gary Graff writer for Rolling Stone/Billboard/Oakland Press  -  citing the MC5, Alice Cooper, and Iggy and the Stooges, "You can mention them in the same breath as all those historic rock bands"

"Harking back to a more classic era, The Who for the 21st Century!"           
          - Tom Day/HIT PARADER

"They've perfected the sound of Monster Magnet and the Foo Fighters jamming with Blue Oyster Cult providing the harmony vocals...its good, all good. I cant get enough of these Detroit bad ass hombres!"      
          - Simon Gausden - POWERPLAY

"Everything good about 70's rock...big phat riffs with psychedelic arrangements and throaty southern fried vocals."
          METAL HAMMER

Black Feather fits the taste of 1970s hard rock – each song is an embodiment of outright power-rock, heavily themed toward drugs and alcohol. In the spirit of Detroit-bred rock n' roll, Dirty Americans are releasing their new self-produced album, Black Feather.

Currently one of the fastest rising bands out of Detroit, they've found success in Japan and the UK with a top-10 music video, leading to accolades from Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, MC5 and other world famous rockers.